We are located in the Upper Studio A of the West Hillhurst Community Center, at 1906 – 6th Ave NW.

From the main entrance, go up the stairs and go right down the hallway.  Go right again before the washrooms.

Regular class times:  8-9 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.


We will be breaking for Christmas, with our last class on December 19th. We will resume classes on January 9, 2024.


Cost:  $70 / 6-visit punch card   

*Please noteplease do not email us money until we have your waiver, as we cannot process any e-transactions unless we have your contact information on file.

We encourage everyone to try a free class before deciding to join us on a regular basis.  Please contact us at to confirm whether we have space available first, and to request a waiver.  Thank you.

What to bring to class

  • Water bottle

  • Groin protection is recommended

  • Although we encourage our students to use palm-strikes instead of punches, we do teach punching techniques, so having MMA gloves is recommended

  • Often during our workouts, clothes get stretched or pulled, so wear something you’re not emotionally attached to

  • We also ask that our students wear t-shirts or long-sleeves (whatever you are comfortable in).  Sleeveless tops, of any kind, are unacceptable as we train in headlocks and various types of chokes

  • Wear bottoms that will stay up, and everything remains covered.  We do ground techniques where, if your pants aren’t securely on your body, they will come down (which could just be awkward for everyone involved)

  • Please note that you do not need to invest in groin protection or gloves for your trial class.  Come try us out first, see what you think, and then you can go shopping.

**We reserve the right to refuse to train a person if we feel they are a danger to themselves, or to other students in the class.**