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Robyn Flynn



Purple Belt Traditional Close Quarter Combat
Trained in Krav Maga in San Diego/Calgary

Robyn Flynn began her martial arts instruction in 1997, training in a blend of martial arts in Montreal QC with Guro Michael Gregory.  There she learned a diverse mix of systems including Savate (Boxe Francaise), Jeet Kune Do, Capoeira and Kali.  After moving to San Diego CA, Robyn discovered Krav Maga, training with Jonathan Levi and Dana ben Kaplan in IKMF.  She continued her Krav Maga training in Calgary, achieving green belt status in Krav Maga Worldwide with Derrick Brown before taking time off to raise a family, and to learn boxing at Teofista.  Most recently, Robyn trained with Jimmy Hall of Integrity Martial Arts, achieving purple belt status in Traditional Close Quarter Combat.  She also holds a PhD in neuroscience.